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CFX Smudge Pots are a fantastic addition to any horse grooming kit. These small, velvety pots contain smooth colored makeup that can enhance your horse's facial features. With exceptional coverage over skin and hair, these smudge pots offer even blendability with no color streaking or beading. The exclusive long-wear formulation of this makeup is also water, sweat, and heat-resistant, making it resistant to washing or melting off in any weather conditions. Because the product is highly concentrated, just a little goes a long way, making Smudge Pots an exceptional value for money. The product also comes with a professional blending sponge and is sold in a "stay clean" ziplock pouch for easy storage.


The natural, soft look delivered by the Smudge Pot color is perfect for Hunters and Breeds, while also making a perfect base for more glamorous looks when paired with a HSE gloss. The color is specifically developed and tested for delicate equine skin with natural ingredients, making it gentle and non-irritant. Additionally, it is easy to remove with a baby wipe or damp soft cloth.


Give your horse's facial features the attention they deserve with CFX Smudge Pots – the perfect solution for adding a subtle or more dramatic color to your horse's face.

HSE CFX smudge pot

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