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Just as the name suggests! This is the ultimate in grooming! If you want to invest in quality brushes for your grooming routine then this is the one to purchase. 


Our Copper Therapy brush is the initial step in the grooming. It's robust, thick bristles dragged dead skin and hair to the surface to reveal a soft and rejuvenated coat. The secret is the fine copper bristles that are embedded within the centre section of the brush. Copper brushing has been a therapeutic process used for many years. It's thought that the use of copper promotes the removal of toxins, as well as simulating the production of oil. 


The 'Dusty' brush is made from natural sisal fibres that are known for their flexibility. Used in a sweeping action the Dusty brush efficiently removes any loose debris from the surface. 

The 'Dazzle' brush is a unique wool centred brush that reveals the most amazing shine.


It works in three ways, removing fine dust, smoothing the coat, and maintaining the coats natural oils. 


Our ergonomically size hoof pick has been designed to give you that extra leverage you need. No more trying to grip onto a skinny little handle! 


SKU: 0004
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