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Grooming your horse is essential for their health and appearance. At The Equine Emporium, we offer a range of high-quality grooming products to make this task a breeze.


  • Royal Wash: Start with our 3-in-1 Royal Wash to cleanse, condition, and detangle your horse's mane and tail. 500ml

  • Hot Oil Coat Conditioner: Keep your horse's coat glossy and healthy with our Hot Oil Coat Conditioner. It nourishes and hydrates the coat, leaving it soft and shiny. 500ml

  • Copper Therapy Body Brush: Try our GeeGee Collective Copper Therapy Body Brush, designed to improve circulation and muscle relaxation during grooming. 

  • Gentle Body Brush: Our GeeGee Collective Gentle Mini Brush is perfect for sensitive areas. It provides a gentle touch while maintaining your horse's coat. 

  • Liquid Silk: Finish grooming with Liquid Silk, Detangle manes and tails, a spray that adds a brilliant shine to your horse's coat. It's the perfect final touch. 500ml

  • Hoof Pick: Don't forget hoof care! Our GeeGee Collective Hoof Pick helps maintain healthy hooves. 

  • Hoof Balm: For extra hoof protection, our Hoof Balm is a must. Lubricate and strengthen hooves for durability.


Invest in these top-quality products and give your horse the grooming they deserve. Your horse will look and feel their best with our selection.

The Ultimate Grooming Package

$259.65 Regular Price
$233.50Sale Price
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