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HOOF PACK - Hoof Clay for Thrush management.

200 or 400 grams.

"Hoof pack is the best product I’ve ever used on hoof thrush. Even on stubborn smelly cracks, black funk simply disappeared after first application!"

Hoof Clay - the ultimate solution for Thrush management. Available in two sizes: 200 and 400 grams, because we know hooves and herds come in all shapes and sizes.

Super easy to use, the clay is simply smeared with your hands into those smelly cracks and crevices around the frog.

Hoof Pack - the Hoof Clay that kicks thrush to the kerb.  Don't just take our word for it, here's what one happy customer had to say:

"I bought the Hoof Pack mud, and holy hoofballs, it's simply awesome! Easy to apply and sticks like a stubborn burr. I used to swear by *******, but this stuff kicks its rear hooves. 10 out of 10!"

Hoof Pack contains our unique mix of cosmetic grade Clays, Zinc Oxide, Manuka Honey and Eucalyptus essential oil. Provides a long-lasting Thrush prevention application. Use as a topical application for current Thrush and weekly for prevention. Smells divine.

Pre-clean with a hoof pick and hoof spray if you prefer.  Ensure the spray has settled into those cracks then smear the Hoof Pack Hoof Clay along the collateral grooves and up into the central sulcus. 


Proudly Australian Made from Australian ingredients and packaging.

This Hoof Clay boasts an impressive shelf life of 12 whole months. That's right, it can hang tight and stay fresh for an entire year, you've got plenty of time to relish every last morsel before this champion bids adieu. 


Keep your grubby thrush infused hoof hands out of the pack so you don't introduce any bacteria to the jar, if you want to double-dip, consider using a soft cloth to remove from the jar prior to application with your hands. 


Roll on over to the cart and grab a firm hold to assist with Thrush combat.


FOR APPLICATION TO ANIMALS ONLY:  That's right, this hoof-hugging Hoof Clay for Thrush is strictly for animals who take their hoof funk seriously. So, sorry humans, unless you've got hooves (or a secret identity as a horse), this clay won't work its magic on your smelly crack. Topical application to animals only.

HOOF PACK - Hoof clay for Thrush

  • KEEP LID ON when not in use.

    STORE out of direct sunlight under 25 degrees.

    Please note:  This is a cosmetic product for application to animals only and has no therapeutic effect.


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