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Get ready to shine on the centreline! Our carefully curated set of ergonomic and eco-friendly horse grooming tools will make every show (or Showcation) a breeze.  Have all your essential tools all in one bag! 


7 piece set includes

'Cooper Therapy' Body Brush comprising of copper and horse hair bristles to remove the dead skin, hair and debris from deep under the hair surface. Copper Therapy promotes coat health by stimulating natural oil production. 


'Dazzle' Wool Body Brush has a unique merino wool centre to attract fine dust particles and restore coat shine. It's the perfect brush for the that show shine finish. 


'Dusty' Body Brush has a robust sisal bristle that flicks dust and debris from the coats surface with ease. 


'Dandy' Body Brush is a versatile all rounder brush that acts not only as the perfect tool for quarter markers, but small enough to remove mud from around your horses legs and fetlocks. 


Mane and Tail Brush is a large paddle brush with metal bristles to gently comb through the tail without causing breakage. 


Scrub Brush is a stiff and rubust brush with multi length bristles to promote a sqeaky clean finish. 


Merino Wool Mitt (Black or Grey) provides the perfect applicator for distributing coat conditioning products, or for washing. 

GeeGee COLLECTIVE | Showcation Brush Kit (7 piece)

SKU: 0016
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