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THE HOOF PACK by the hoof co

How to guide in using the HOOF PACK - Hoof Clay for Thrush management

Hoof Clay - the ultimate solution for Thrush management. Available in two sizes: 200 and 400 grams, because we know hooves and herds come in all shapes and sizes.

What is Thrush?

Thrush is a common ailment among horses, more common than you might realize. Excess moisture, bacteria or fungi in the paddock, manure trapped in hooves, and diets high in sugar and starch are all common causes of thrush. Thrush thrives in unsanitary conditions, and it can develop in both wet and dry hooves with a tight, contracted central sulcus.

Download PDF • 3.15MB

Award winning hoof care package

The Thrush Care package is 3 easily applied topical products - Hoof Spray, Hoof Powder and Hoof Pack (Clay). The package can be purchased using the link below.

The Hoof Co Acknowledgment

We are so grateful to The Hoof Co for their expert knowledge on all hoof care ranges. Information and pdfs are sourced from The Hoof Co.

Click on the link below to take you to the product.

Read the how to guide below from the hoof co.

Download PDF • 1.04MB

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